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Technical Disclaimer:
The catalog number(s) suggested in the Bussmann series Fuse Selector represents the closest Bussmann series fuse(s) based upon the entered selected search attributes. It is the responsibility of the user to review the product specifications to determine suitability for the intended application.

Eaton Bussmann

DIN style Type DO Neozed low voltage fuses DIN Type DO Neozed Low voltage Neozed fuses suitable for use on 400Vac systems

Product description Eaton's Bussmann®series Type D and D0 fuse links are specifically designed for the protection of general industrial applications such as power distribution and cable protection.

Both types D and D0 are available in three operating characteristics: Time-delay, Fast-acting and Ultra-rapid versions that fit into screw cap fuse link carriers for mounting in 1- or 3-pole DIN-Rail or screw fixing.

Technical data

• Volts: 400V a.c.

• Amps: 2 to 63 A

• Breaking capacity: 50 kA

Agency Information

• CE
• IEC 60269
• DIN 49515

Catalog Numbers

Catalog Numbers

Catalog Numbers

Catalog Numbers

Catalog Numbers











Carton Quantity

Amp Rating

Carton Qty.



Fuse bases and accessories (ordered separately)

• CN01, CN02 and CN03 screw cap fuse link carriers

• GN01 and GN02 screw cap gauge pieces

• FN_C, FRNC-SA, FRN-SB, FRN-SD, FRN-SE single pole fuse base screw fixing

• TFN_C, TFRNC-SA, TFRN-SB, TFRN-SD, TFRN-SE triple pole fuse base screw fixing

• FRN_C, FRNC-A, FRN-B, FRN-D, FRN-E single pole fuse base DIN-Rail mounting

• TFRN_C, TFRNC-A, TFRN-B, TFRN-D, TFRN-E triple pole fuse base DIN-Rail mounting

• PPD01 and PPD02 Plastic base

• D0-GPK gauge piece key

• D0-SFH special holder

Features and benefi ts:

• Characteristics to suit the protection needs of inductive and resistive loads

• Fast trouble shooting with easily visible fuse operated pin indicator

• Historically reliable range

• Wide range of fuse bases and accessories available for many applications

• Compliant to IEC 60269 and DIN 49515

Manufacturer Part Number: * NZ *
Series: DIN series, low voltage fuse
Current: 2-63A
Voltage: 400Vac
Breaking capacity: 50kA RMS Sym.
-IEC 60269
-DIN 49515

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DIN series, low voltage fuse