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Technical Disclaimer:
The catalog number(s) suggested in the Bussmann series Fuse Selector represents the closest Bussmann series fuse(s) based upon the entered selected search attributes. It is the responsibility of the user to review the product specifications to determine suitability for the intended application.

Eaton Bussmann

FWH 14 x 51mm Ferrule style high speed fuses


Description: Ferrule style high speed fuses.

Dimensions: See dimensions illustration.


Ratings: Volts:- 500Vac/dc

Amps:- 1-30A

IR:- 200kA RMS Sym. - 50kA @500Vdc

Agency Information:CE, UL Recognition 1- 30A & CSA

Component Acceptance: 5 - 30A.

Catalog Numbers (Amps)

Catalog Numbers

Catalog Numbers

Catalog Numbers

Catalog Numbers













Electrical Characteristics

Total Clearing I2t The total clearing I2t at rated voltage and at power factor of 15% are given in the electrical characteristics. For other voltages, the clearing I2t is found by multiplying by correction factor, K, given as a function of applied working voltage, Eg, (rms).

Arc Voltage

This curve gives the peak arc voltage, UL, which may appear across the fuse during its operation as a function of the applied working voltage, Eg, (rms) at a power factor of 15%.

Power Losses

Watts loss at rated current is given in the electrical characteristics. The curve allows the calculation of the power losses at load currents lower than the rated current. The correction factor, Kp, is given as a function of the RMS load current, Ib, in % of the rated current.

Catalog Numbers (Amps)

• Watts loss provided at rated current.

• See accessories on page 216.

Carton Quantity

Amp Rating

Carton Qty



Features and Benefits

• Excellent cycling capability and DC performance

• Low arc voltage and low energy let-through (I2t)

• Low watts loss in a compact size

• Used with finger-safe holders/blocks

Typical Applications

• DC common bus

• DC drives

• Power converters/rectifiers

• Reduced voltage starters

series: FWH series, cylindrical fast fuse (14 x 51mm)
Current: 1-30A
Voltage: 500Vac/dc
Size: 14 x 51mm
Breaking capacity: 200kA RMS Sym., 50kA @ 500Vdc
Certification: CE/UL/CSA

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FWH Series 500V (14x 51mm)