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DMM-B系列 1000Vac 快速熔断器


   DMM-B 系列产品型录



   Product change notice - fuse labeling   (产品更改通知—标签更改)



DMM-B 13⁄32˝ x 1-3/8˝ and 1-1/2” 1000Vac/dc fast-acting fuses for multi-meters


Catalog symbol / color code:


• Maroon (1000Vac/dc max voltage)



Fast-acting supplemental fuse for multi-meters only.

Intended to carry 100% of rated current indefinitely.

Not intended for branch circuit protection




1000 Volts AC/DC


* DMM-B-44/100 – 10kA, 1000Vac, unity power factor and 0kA, 1000Vdc with time constant of 2.2ms. Minimum nterrupt 400% of rated current at rated voltage.

DMM-B-11A – 20kA, 1000Vac, power factor ≤0.2; 20kA, 000Vdc, time constant ≥10ms.


Agency information

• CE

• UL Recognized 1000Vdc, File E19180)

• RoHS compliant


Temperature specifications

• DMM-B-44/100 - Maximum temperature 28°C n 22°C ambient temperature when carrying 00% of rated current.

• DMM-B-11A - Maximum temperature 69°C in  22°C ambient temperature when carrying 00% of rated current.


Catalog Symbol and Current Ratings

                          1000 VAC/VDC

    DMM-B-44/100 -R      

      DMM-B-11 -R          



• Color coded for 1000Vac/dc maximum oltage rating

• Melamine tube construction

• Nickel-plated endcaps ypical applications

• Multi-meters





Product Information

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